The SNC-Lavalin revelations show we are not a country bound by the rule of law
The Globe and Mail, February 7, 2019
By Jennifer Quaid and Emilie Taman

The top 25 most influential lawyers 
Canadian Lawyer Magazine, August 7, 2018 
By Tim Wilbur and Aidan Macnab

L’avocate engagée… de mère en fille 
Droit-Inc, 22 août 2018
Par Céline Gobert

Drug decriminalisation 

The NDP can set itself apart with drug decriminalization proposals 
February 15, 2018
By Emilie Taman and James Hutt

Women’s  issues

Here’s why Jim Watson is wrong about a women’s bureau at city hall 
Ottawa Citizen March 19, 2018
By Emilie Taman

Trudeau may tweet a good game on equal rights, but his broken promises are hurting women 
Rabble, February 2, 2017
By Emilie Taman

The Motherload
CBC Documentary, December 4, 2014

Municipal issues

Three Ottawans launch charter challenge against Mayor Watson over Twitter blocking Global News October 17, 2018 
By Beatrice Britneff

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson faces Twitter charter challenge 
Ottawa Citizen, October 16, 2018
By David Reevely

Twitter lawsuit wasn’t about politics complainant says 
CBC, November 5, 2018

Mayor sued for blocking residents on Twitter 
CBC, October 17, 2018
By Joanne Chianello

Test case challenges a politician’s right to block people from Twiter account 
The Globe and Mail, October 17, 2018
By Joan Bryden

Watson débloque les utilisateurs de Twitter qui le poursuivaient 
Le Droit, 2 novembre 2018
Par Sylvie Branch

Secrecy around Ottawa’s sewage tunnel stinks 
Ottawa Sun February 11, 2017
By Emilie Taman

Right of public servants to run for public office

Appeal court sides with ex public servant denied leave to run for election
CBC, January 9, 2017

Federal lawyer Emilie Taman was wrongly forbidden to run for NDP, appeals court rules Ottawa Citizen, January 9, 2017 
By David Reevely

Fired federal prosecutor wins case in Federal Court of Appeal 
iPolitics, January 9, 2017
By Emily Fearon and Beatrice Britneff

L’avocate Emilie Taman gagne sa cause 
Le Droit, 9 janvier 2017
Par Paul Gaboury

Une ex-candidate du NPD obtient gain de cause en appel 
Le Devoir, 10 janvier 2017
Par Hélène Buzzetti

Emilie Taman obtient gain de cause après avoir été congédiée 
Radio-Canada, 9 janvier